The Final battle

Process #155

Are you ready to enter the qualifications of process #155. Battle with all other teams for this one chance to enter the Promised Land. Take your one chance to enter paradise or stay in this world, forever...


Make sure your team is full of diverse skilled people.


Drink and eat well in advance to fully focus on the battle.


Keep communicating while battling, this way your chance to win will increase.

Want to escape this world? Do you want to live in paradise? Take this chance! It's now or never..

Only one team will get tickets to make the trip to the Promised Land.

Work hard, train your mind, find your crew and beat the others. Work your way to paradise.

Or you will find yourself in the slums.. again.. and forever.

Life in the Promised Land is just good. Everyday you wake up with a smile. You may decide to hike in the beautiful green mountains, take a swim in the sea or play escape rooms all day long. 

Science and technology are extremely advanced. Everybody is healthy and happy, there's just no need to worry.



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