"Treat your body and mind with care and love."
-Hugo reinhart-

For the basis of our existence I always go back to nature. Nature gives me so much. All human sensors are stimulated by all the beauty that can be found around us. In The Promised Land we aim to preserve nature as we knew it in the 20th century. Where on the rest of the earth all resources have now been used, we have created a living environment where there is still room for all the beauty that has been given to us. It helps the people in The Promised Land to stay relaxed and healthy.

My questions for you are therefore based on all the beauty we receive from nature.

Food all around the world

Which countries are we looking for?

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Code is the first letter of every country

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Sounds in the morning

Birds in the morning still make me smile, can you identify them by sound?

history of preservation of foods

Four ways of preserving food. Which method was found first?



Order chronologically

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